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All that You Need to Know About the Coronavirus


There are so many rumors and myths which are floating around regarding the coronavirus which has been the hot topic and also the world has declared that health emergency so many of the individuals have their own opinion about the corona virus in spite the World Health Organization as well as the Center for Disease Control has been giving a proper educational resource to the general public.

So here I am quoting the same resources and I want to give the inputs to all the public about the corona virus. Here we have the questionnaire regarding each and every point regarding the corona virus infection.

Corona viruses – are the large family of viruses which are found in both animals and humans some infect people and are known to cause illness which is ranging from the common cold to more severe disease such as Middle East respiratory syndrome and severe acute respiratory syndrome.

COVID-19 is a new strain of corona virus that has not been previously identified in the humans the novel means new right so had not previously detected before the outbreak which was reported in Wuhan that is in China.

So the novel coronavirus is from the same family of the viruses as severe acute respiratory syndrome but it is not the same virus and it is completely different so when we talk about how dangerous it is so as with other respiratory illnesses infection with the novel coronavirus can cause mild symptoms including runny nose sore throat cough and fever and fever is considered to be the most common manifestation as it is seen in almost greater than 90% of the cases and it can be more severe for some of the individuals for examples like in children as well as in the older people.

That can lead to pneumonia or breathing difficulties and more rarely the disease can be fatal as I already mentioned that the older people as well as the people with a pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes and heart disease these patients are more vulnerable and it is fatal for these individuals and individuals become severely ill with the virus so here the detailed investigations found that the novel coronavirus was transmitted from cats to humans in China that ease in 2002 as well as from camels to the humans in Saudi Arabia in 2012.

But the several known corona viruses are circulating in animals that have not yet infected humans as surveillance improves around the world more corona viruses are likely to be identified so here the animal source of the novel coronavirus has not yet been identified so this does not mean that you can catch the novel coronavirus from any animal or from your pet.

It is likely that an animal source from a live animal market in China what actually respond for some of the first reported human infections so to protect yourself from this deadly coronavirus when visiting the live animal markets avoid direct

It is likely that an animal source from a live animal market in China what actually respond for some of the first reported human infections. So to protect yourself from this deadly coronavirus when visiting the live animal markets avoid direct unprotected contact with a live animals and the consumption of the raw or uncooked animal products should be completely avoided.

At this point raw meats milk or animal organs should be handled with care and to avoid cross-contamination with uncooked foods as per good food safety practices need to be maintained right now there are so many myths as well as the posts which are coming across the social media and Facebook as well as in the warship regarding the contamination of the coronavirus with the animals more commonly from the pets.

The answer for this question is no. That is at present there is no evidence that the companion animals are pets such as dogs and cats have been infected or have spread the novel coronavirus.

Take care of your health by doing some important steps that is wash your hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

Why it is important so washing your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap as well as water kills the virus if it is on your hands so it maximum prevent the spread of virus to you and another important thing is the maintenance of the social distance that is maintaining social distancing.

So maintaining at least one meter that is three feed distance between yourself to the other people is extremely important at this point particularly those who are coughing sneezing and have a fever.

Because these are the symptomatology which can say that they may be infected with this deadly virus and why it is important because when someone who is infected with a respiratory disease like novel coronavirus coughs or sneezes they project small droplets containing the viruses and these small droplets which are thrown into the air has a lot of virus and if the person is very close one feet or two feet distance it is very easy for this individual to take that virus through the inhalation another person can get infected.

That is the reason if you are too close you can breathe in the virus and there is a much more danger that the virus can enter in your body and another important step what you have to take here is avoid touching eyes nose as well as mouth because hand stretch many surfaces which can be contaminated with the virus.

So if you touch your eyes nose or mouth with your contaminated hands you can transfer the virus from the surface to yourself that’s the reason you have to take proper care over here if you have a fever cough and difficulty breathing it is important for now.

At this point that you need to seek a medical care as early as possible and also tell your healthcare provider if you have travelled in the area in the China where the novel coronavirus has been reported or if you have been in close contact with someone with who has traveled from the China and has the respiratory symptoms because it is very important that you have explained your symptomatology to your health care provider.

When you have such kind of symptoms and why it is important because whenever you have a fever cough as well as difficulty in breathing it is important to seek a very immediate medical attention promptly as this may be due to the lately infection or maybe any other serious condition. The important point to be noted here that the respiratory symptoms with fever can have a range of causes and depending on your personal travel history and circumstances

The novel coronavirus could be one of them so why to take a chance so you have to go to your health care provider immediately when you see such kind of symptoms and if you have a mind of aspirator with symptoms and has no travel history to orbit in China carefully practice basic respiratory and hand hygiene and stay home until you are recovered, If possible.

So this is the way you can prevent maximum of the contaminating with deadly coronavirus now coming towards the wearing of the mask so wearing a medical mask can help limit the spread of some of the respiratory disease however using a mask alone is not at all guaranteed to stop infections and should be combined with other preventive measures including the hand and respiratory hygiene and avoiding the close contact at least that is one meter that I have already mentioned that you have to maintain the three feet distance between yourself and the other people.

If you see the data from the World Health Organization advisors on the rational use of medical masks thus avoiding unnecessary wastage of precious resources and potential misuse of masks so this means using masks only if you have respiratory symptoms.

These steps have to be taken at a serious note so before putting on the mask wash hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water and cover your mouth and nose with mask and make sure that there are no gaps between your face and the mask and avoid touching the mask while using it if you do clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water and replace the mask with the new one as soon as it is damped and do not reuse the single-use mask at any cost.

To remove the mask remove it from behind do not touch the mask from the front and discard the mask immediately in a close to bin after that wash hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

The important question each and every individual has their in mind and the general public is who can catch this virus so people living or traveling in an area where the novel coronavirus is circulating may be at a very greater risk of infection and at present this novel coronavirus is circulating in China where the vast majority of the people infected have been reported.

Those infected from other countries are among people who have recently traveled from China or who have been living or working closely with those travelers such as the family members co-workers or maybe the medical professionals also so who is caring for the patients before they knew that the patients were infected with the novel coronavirus and the health workers caring for persons who are at a risk with the novel coronavirus or at a very higher risk and must protect themselves with an appropriate infection prevention.

The control procedures should be handled pretty carefully and the people living outside the areas in China where the virus is circulating are not at the risk of infection with a novel coronavirus and the World Health Organization that is who is continuously monitoring the epidemiology of the all break to better understand where the virus is circulating and how people can protect themselves from this deadly infection.

When we talk about the CV arity of this illness so who can get the CV arity of the illness is the big question for the majority of the individuals so the virus is very new.

We still need to learn more about how this new deadly novel coronavirus effects people so thus far as the data what we are getting from the China the older people and also the people with the pre-existing medical conditions as they already mentioned the diabetes and the heart diseases these individuals appear to be at the greater risk of developing the severe form of illness and it could be fatal and they may die because of this infection so for all the general public at present what is important is how to stop spreading of this virus.

The new corona virus is a respiratory virus right because that death happens because of a severe respiratory illness so and this is the virus which spread primarily through contact with an infected person by means of respiratory droplets which is generated in a person coughs or sneezes or through the droplets of the saliva or discharge from the nose so that is the reason whomever they have such kind of symptoms they also have to take the personal care.

the health care worker who is treating this patient also should take a personal care because they are the one who are at a greater risk so it is important that everyone irrespective of the infected not infected healthy care professionals everyone should practice good respiratory hygiene.

For example cough or sneeze into a flexed elbow or use a tissue and discard it immediately into the closed bin and it is also very important for the people to wash their hands regularly with either alcohol-based hand or soap and water and the maintenance of the hand hygiene as well as the respiratory hygiene is very very important to spread this deadly virus infection in your community so when we talk about the survival rate of the viruses and how long that it survives on the surfaces.

It is still not known how long that this novel coronavirus survives on surfaces although the preliminary information suggests that the virus may survive a few Haws and simple disinfectants can kill the viruses making it no longer possible to infect the people that is the reason again and again.

As well so majority of the people have a doubt because these days whomever they got common cold cough or sneeze even with the fever they got immediately devastated thinking that it is a novel coronavirus so an important public information what you need to know is how it can be differentiated between the symptoms of the common cold and flu as well as the symptomatology what is arising from the novel coronavirus.

The people with the novel coronavirus infection the flu or a cold typically develop respiratory symptoms such as fever cough and runny nose so even though many symptoms are alike they are caused by the different viruses so because of their similarities it is difficult to identify the disease based on symptoms alone so that’s why the laboratory tests are required to confirm if someone has the novel coronavirus so as always we have to take the guideline from the World Health Organization.

The people who have called fever as well as the difficulty in breathing should seek medical care as early as possible and patience should inform the healthcare providers if they have traveled in the 14 days before they develop with such kind of symptoms or they have been in close contact with someone which who has been sick with your respiratory symptoms.

So the question is how long is the incubation period so the incubation period is a time between infection and the onset of the clinical symptoms of the disease so the current scenario actually estimates of the intubation period which is ranging between 2 to 11 days and these estimates will be refined as more data become evident.

Based on the information from the other coronaviruses diseases such as Mers as well as s ARS the incubation period of the novel coronavirus could be up to 14 days so here it is very important in understanding the time when infected patients may spread the viruses to others.

It is critical for control efforts so detailed medical information from the people infection is needed to determine the infectious period of the novel coronavirus and according to the recent reports it may be possible that the people infected with the novel coronavirus may be infectious before showing the significant symptoms however based on the currently available data the people who have symptoms are causing the majority of the virus spread.

These type of viruses do not survive long on objects such as letters or packages there’s a reason do not worry about this point at all so many people are taking antibiotics like they generally do on counter medications for all different types of flu as well as respiratory illness no not at all here you should not take any kind of antibiotics because antibiotics do not work on viruses they only work on bacteria that is bacterial infections.

The novel coronavirus is a virus right so and therefore the antibiotics should not be used as a means of prevention or a treatment so talking about the treatment many people have a doubt and there are also pretty rumors as well as myths regarding the treatment and many people are also taking the treatment and some people are also selling the medication in the name of the treatment for the novel coronavirus.

Many people are following certain measures which are not specifically recommended as the novel coronavirus remedies as they are not effective to protect yourself and can be even harmful like people are taking the vitamin C or like smoking drinking traditional herbal teas and wearing multiple masks to maximize the protection taking self medication such as antibiotics right so all these are not effective at all so in any case if you have a fever cough and difficulty in breathing you have to see the medical care as early as possible to reduce the risk of developing a more severe form of infection from the deadly coronavirus and also be sure to share your recent travel history with your healthcare provider so stay safe and stay healthy from the deadly coronavirus.



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